Awesome ways to keep your spirit up!!!

keep yourself spirit up

Ways to keep your spirit up – Explained.

We all end up in a space where we never allow anyone to enter. We visit that not so small room every now and then which we all have created to get out of clatter we continuously listen around us. Especially in times like pandemic we visit it very often because we have way more free time than we used to have.

Here are some ways which will give you the courage to take a step ahead, Because always remember it’s not difficult to go from 1-100 but it is a hell of a journey from 0-1.


1. Talk it out loud 

We always keep many things to ourselves and make our heart or mind deal with it alone. It is very important that the more you put your self out in front of people, the more it will help you! Many of us think we are strong enough to deal with all that dilemma going but it is advisable to include your friends, family. It is completely okay to put some quotes on your social media and state what you really feel. 

Maybe the people who can help you are far from you but technology is there to connect you to the right person.

2. Set-up a daily routine

Before you go to bed always decide, what I want to do tomorrow?
Make a list if you have a lot of tasks to complete. It will help you feel confident when you wake up. You will not feel lazy, there will be a different energy in your body to finish the task. First finish tasks which will take more time and energy, complete things which can be done easily later on. It will give immense pleasure when you tickmark right next to a completed task.

3. Stop Procrastinating

You want to read that book or want to record that tutorial video. Want to start learning how to cook but mom is cooking, right? Oh, yes you will start running from tomorrow for sure!
Stop pushing things to the next day. 

START RIGHT NOW. It’s okay not to finish the task in one day. Start small, grow and then see how far you’ve come from day 1. 

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4. Connect with yourself

In our daily hustle, we forget to give ourself that time which helps us bloom. It is important to have answers to the questions which no one else will but only you can ask yourself. Take long showers (Ones in a while, Don’t waste too much water). Go for a run alone. Listen to the music you can connect. Meditate or practice yoga. Skincare and pampering yourself is a good way to make your soul and body both pleasant.

5. Have a vision

Even in the tough times like these always make sure you are focused on your growth. Have a goal which can give you goosebumps just by thinking about it. Always plan ahead, have a long term and short term goal. Write it where you can see it every day. It is not necessary to have a goal towards just a career, it can be a personal goal about buying something expensive or even of spending quality time with your loved ones.

6. Music, Music & Music

I can not emphasis enough on the importance of music in a person’s life. If real food is for the body then music is to soul. Never restrict yourself from exploring new music. You might end up in an infinite loop. The feeling of being in that happy place is like an incomprehensible passage.

7. Never give up

If anything you want is easily achievable then you are not setting your goals up to your standards. There is no trill if you are getting everything easily. We tent to value more if we know what it took to get there. Hustle and show the world what you worked for! If we will get everything easily on a plate then there won’t be any inspiring story behind it, right? 

8. You are unique, Trust yourself

Stop comparing your life with others. Everyone has their own struggles. First, accept what and who you are! Do not care about what people will think or how they will react. Never be ashamed of who you are. If you trust yourself more than anyone and anything you can definitely come out stronger. Start embracing your uniqueness in spite of hiding it behind the curtain. If you will feel confident in yourself and appreciate yourself then only the world will follow.

Comment your views for the article up there. Cheers to the awesome day.

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