Stay home Save lives !

We know that we all are having a very bad time in COVID-19 but the thing is this is not end yet. Do you love your life? If your answer is yes then.. Read More.

Stay home Save lives – Explained.

Do you love your life? If your answer is yes then Thecauzeblog wants to say that “Stay Home save lives” – We know that we all are having a very bad time in COVID-19 but the thing is this is not end yet.

As we know coronavirus hasn’t stopped yet cases in all over the world are keep rising. People are still not awake they are not following any Govt guidelines or rules they keep roaming outside their house. We advise you to stay home and save your life.

The decision to stay at home will surely save lives!

Coronavirus is spreading quickly because people who are infected with the virus are showing minor symptoms or no symptoms are interacting with those in danger. people more than 60 whose immune system is weak and suffering from cardiac and lung issues. Stay home as much possible lessen your contacts mainly people who are at a high risk this could surely help you to save lives.

Things you should do while staying home!

  • Wash hands often
  • Eat healthy food
  • Boost immune system
  • Stay fit – do exercising 
  • Maintain social distance
  • Only go out for essentials
  • Have phone or video calls
  • Help your neighbor as much you can

Stay home save lives – But How?

Slow down The Spread Of Coronavirus Is Easier Than You Think but one of the most important step is Just Stay Home.

The most frightening part is that you can spread it before you even realize you have it since the symptoms take numerous days or weeks to appear after you’ve been infected. Just think all the spots you go and things you contact more than five days of your normal life.

How you can save thousand lives by staying home ?

Let’s understand this above scenario in detail !

Hospitals can’t deal with a large number of sick people at the same time. Imagine each and every old person in the nation visiting the emergency clinic simultaneously! Far more atrocious — imagine that the specialists and medical attendants also become ill — so a lot of them can’t treat patients. This is the thing that could happen across the world. The same thing happened in Italy, and it’s extremely terrible.

If we can’t stop this chain it will keep spreading 

Hospitals will be overrun with patients AND understaffed at the same time. What’s more, it’s not simply the COVID-19 patients that are in danger — other sick people who are suffering from many dangerous diseases or any emergency cases like any accident could be possible. So think it will be difficult to deal with when the system is too barred to work.

Young and healthy people – here’s all you need to do

  • Clean your Hand often
  • Cover your mouth when you sneeze
  • Stay home – work from home if you have option
  • Avoid travelling as much you can
  • Skip all social gathering 

Read More – 7 Steps To Stay Healthy During Lockdown

Miss that race that you prepared for?


Be a Hero. There will be more races if you Alive!

If you feel sick self-quarantine even if you think it’s not because of COVID-19. Cancel all social gatherings. It really worked in japan & south Korea. The way to backing this off is YOU!!! Particularly when you are young and healthy. We can help SAVE LIVES together, by remaining farther separated. 

So let’s take Take the Pledge to Stay Home & Save Lives 


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