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Sembaruthi is the Tamil language drama which is streams on zee 5. This show premiered on 16th October 2017. Know The Cast & More on The Cauze Blog.
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Sembaruthi is the Tamil language drama which is streams on zee 5. This show premiered on 16th October 2017. It is an official remake of Muddha Mandaram serial which is one of the known serial in Zee Telugu. This serial is directed by Ram Kumaradhas, ulaiman. K. Babu , P. Neeravi Pandian.

Sembaruthi – Main Cast 

#1. Karthik Raj performing as Aadhi / ‘Aadhikadavur’ Aadithya Purshothama.

He is the elder son of Akhilandeshwari and Purshothaman. Caring and Husband of Parvathi. He is a calm, smart and severe person who’s in love with Parvathi and in the end marries her, without his mom Akhilandeshwari’s knowledge.

#2. Shabana Shajahan performing as Parvathi Aadithya

She is A younger and gorgeous village girl, who’s hired with help of using Akhilandeshwari as her cook. She is the eldest daughter-in-law of Akiladeshwari and Pursothaman She is loyal, dazzling,  and strong-willed girl. She saved Akhilandeshwari’s family usually in lots of ways. She is also in love with Aadithya whom she marries later and turns into Aadhi’s wife.

#3. Priya Raman performing as ‘Aadhikadavur’ Akhilandeshwari / Akhila Purshothaman

She is A rich, sturdy willed and cussed woman, Akhilandeshwari is a person who expects perfection in everything. She is the mother of Aadhi and Arun, and Mother-in-law of Aishwariya and Parvathi, and spouse of Purshothaman. She is the head of the house.

She is ignorant of her son’s love and eventual marriage to Parvathi. Although cussed, she may be worrying at instances and is right at heart. At last, She comes to realize about Aadhi’s Marriage to Parvathi.


sembaruthi - Tamil serial
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Sembaruthi Story

A wealthy and high-elegance lady Akhilandeshwari (Priya Raman) wherein her son Adhitya (Karthik Raj) falls in love with Parvathi (Shabana Shajahan), after the demise of her grandmother, she comes to a decision to work as a maid at Akhilandeshwari’s house.

Meanwhile, Akhilandeshwari is a strong-willed, cussed female who wishes perfection in everything. The main u-turn comes withinside the storyline while Adhitya marries Parvathy without his mother’s knowledge.

Parvathi’s father Sundaram (Narasimha Raju) working as a driver for 25 years in Akhilandeshwari’s family. Where he is loyal to Akhilandeshwari, he’s blind to Parvathi’s love with Adhitya. On the opposite side, they secretly get married wherein this marriage was known only to Adhitya’s father Purushothaman (Sanjay Kumar Asrani), Adhitya’s brother Arun (VJ Kathir) and Arun’s spouse Aishwariya (Janani Ashokkumar).

Additionally, Akhilandeshwari’s father helps this marital relation even as these 3 of them additionally hide the reality from Akhilandeshwari. 

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Sembaruthi serial watch online

Sembaruthi is Tamil drama serial it is streaming on  Zee Tamil and Zee Tamil HD People of India can watch Sembaruthi online on zee5

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