Is Google hiring secretly ?

What if I say you that Google is hiring secretly? Yes, you heard correct! Google has developed a secret algorithm to hire developers and programmers from all over the world. Read more in this article.
Google hiring secretly
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What if I say you that Google is hiring secretly? Yes, you heard correct! Google has developed a secret algorithm to hire developers and programmers from all over the world.

Google has developed a secret hiring challenge through which has it has hired many developers. This challenge is known as the ‘Google Foobar Challenge’.

Sounds interesting, right? Excited to know more about it! Let’s see in detail what actually google foobar challenge.

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Google Foobar Challenge

In one line, google foobar challenge is a secret process of hiring by Google which consists of several levels of challenges to be solved. Google has been using this for the last five years.

Google sends an invitation link to take this challenge. You get several levels in this challenge, with each level getting difficult than the previous one.

And the great news is that many google developers have been hired through this challenge.

I want to take Google Foobar Challenge

Now you must be excited to take this challenge. But wait! There is a twist here. Not everyone can take this challenge. 

Google Foobar is an invitation based hiring challenge. This means that you can take this challenge only if you have got the invitation from Google for Foobar. Until that, you cannot access the page.

Click to see the Google Foobar Website : Google Foobar Challenge

How can I get the invitation for Google Foobar Challenge

This question is still a mystery. No one exactly knows what algorithm does Google follows to send the invitation. The criteria for the eligibility of the invitation is still a mystery.

But there are few assumptions for getting the invitation. The one who received it also agrees with these assumptions.

 It is assumed that Google sends the invitation on the basis of your search history and your problem solving related keyword searches. 

Let us assume that you are a developer. Then it’s obvious that you would search for a lot of programming related problems. And based on Google search algorithms, you get the invitation.

How does Google Foobar challenge invitation look like ?

When you get the invitation, you will see a message which reads,

“You’re speaking our language. Up for a challenge?”

Different people found the invitation link in different ways.

  1. The most common way is using search keywords like ‘JAVA Arraylist’ or ‘C++ Move Semantics’. The search results page suddenly does an animation flip and suddenly you see the message.
    Many people also use this method as a trick to get the challenge invite. Search for these keywords and copy the search URL generated in approx fifteen to twenty tabs. You will get the challenge invite.
  2. There are some cases where many users got this invitation hidden in comment under li tag while inspecting the google doodle.
  3. While going through a few google developers pages, few people noticed a strange logo at the top right corner, clicking on which the link appeared. The logo appeared after five minutes of loading the page.
    But it’s still unknown on which kind of pages this logo may appear.
  4. A very few people also reported getting this invitation through emails but this kind of case is rare.
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What to do after getting an invitation

You will get three options to act on the invitation.

  1. I want to play
  2. No thanks
  3. Don’t show me this again

After you click ‘I want to play’ option, you will be redirected to a website that would look like the UNIX command-line interface. There you will have to complete five levels of challenge.

You can take up these challenges either is JAVA or Python.

You can traverse the folders in the challenge using UNIX commands. Use the help command to get the list of all available commands. To start the challenge, type request command in the command-line.

As soon as you request for the challenge, you will get some files in your Foobar command-line folder, and there will be a question for you to solve. 

You will get two files to write your solution to the problems – and Write in any one file according to the language you prefer.

To edit the file use the command edit filename. You will get a tab with an editor to edit the file.

Save the file after editing. After completing the solution, verify the test cases using verify filename command.

To submit your solution, type submit filename. After submission, if all the test cases are passed, you will get a success message.

Similarly, you will have to solve all the five levels of challenge.

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What happens after completing all five levels

If you pass all the third level of challenge, you will be asked to fill in your details and contact details so that Google can contact you.

After completing all the five levels, there are high chances that you will receive a mail or a call from Google within one to two days. It will be an invitation for the interview.

If you clear the interview, you can be hired by Google!

Not only this, but you also get two referrals using which you can invite your friends to take up the challenge. The first referral is given after completing the third level and the second referral is given after completing the fifth level.

Post of Joining

If you get hired, then there is no fixed post of joining. It depends upon your solution in FooBar Challenge and also your performance in the interview.

It can be high-end developer, assistant developer, or any other post.

So, if you get this link, please try it once. Even if you do not pass the challenge you will get a great coding experience. And if you clear the challenges, there are high chances of you getting hired.

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